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Nako village: An idyllic hamlet in the midst of the Himalayas

Nako…the charm of nature best felt here!

Monday, 24th May 2021

The Nako village situated in Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur district is a picturesque village nestled amid awe-inspiring natural beauty. The village is laid out along the Indo-Tibetan border and makes a unique getaway indeed. The remote village far away from the din and clamor of the cities makes an ideal destination for one to unwind and rejuvenate in the lap of nature. You can catch stunning glimpses of the high Himalayas from the Nako village. It is the most perfect place to break free from the monotony of hotels and resorts and enjoy staying at a local homestay…an experience you shouldn’t miss at all!


Places to visit at Nako

Your trip to the Nako village will probably remain incomplete if you don’t visit the nearby Chitkul village situated on River Baspa’s banks. Also, a visit to the Chango Gompa is a must. The gompa houses a unique prayer wheel made out of yak skin. The wheel is nearly 500 years of age.

In vicinity to the Nako village is the sanctuary of Lipa Asrang. The sanctuary is known for its exotic flora consisting of alpine shrubs, conifers, etc. A tour to Sarhan from Nako is really worth it. The location of Sarhan is known for its many temples. One famed temple is Bhimkali.

The key attraction of the Nako village is one namesake lake around which there are several caves and Tibetan temples. According to popular beliefs, Sage Padmasambhava had performed penance on the banks of the lake during his lifetime. A waterfall situated in the vicinity of the lake is locally thought to be an abode of the fairies. However, since no trail could be found leading up to the waterfall, it could turn out to be pretty challenging to trace it. A visitor to the Nako village can explore the village on foot or by borrowing a bike from the locals.

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Facilities at Nako

The connectivity of mobile phones isn’t much good in this particular village. BSNL is the one and only service provider and the mobile network may not be available during the daytime. Also, the village has just a single medical clinic and one cannot expect anything more than basic healthcare in that clinic. So, as a tourist to Nako, one must carry one’s personal medical kit and must try to stay absolutely fit and healthy.

As far as the food is concerned, you would be happy to learn that you can relish super tasty local cuisine here. The foods you can sample include thukpa, momos, falafel, and Shakshuka.

There are quite a few accommodations at the Nako village. So, a tourist will definitely not have a problem putting up during his or her trip to the village. Some of the best accommodation options at Nako include RIKPA Homestay, Reo Purguil, Lovon Hotel & restaurant, and the Norbuling Hotel Pooh.


How to reach

For tourists who are traveling through Manali, hiring a cab from the Reckong Peo to the Nako village or boarding a bus to the valley of Spiti can actually take you to Nako. However, if you are traveling through Spiti, you can hire a cab or take a bus from the landmark of Nalling Mullah bound for the Nako village or the Reckong Peo. Nako is a restricted area. So, before reaching Nako, international tourists to the village require an Inner Line Permit. One can get the permit from Shimla or Kaza or from Reckong Peo.


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