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PM and HM Attend BJP-RSS ‘Damage Control’ Meeting Ahead of UP Polls

PM and HM at ‘Damage Control’…learn more…

Monday, 24th May 2021

The BJP has commenced work on their strategy for the Uttar Pradesh assembly polls as the party is getting flak for their handling of the coronavirus crisis in the country. Concerns over the widespread criticism that they have been garnering over the past several months, have raised questions on the party’s prospects here in the critical elections scheduled in 2022.

The past few days have seen several senior leaders get into a huddle discussing their plan of action for the UP Assembly election that is to take place next year. Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Home Minister Amit Shah had also attended the meeting on Sunday which had sever crucial BJP leaders as well as those from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to discuss the party's strategy.

Party members from both sides were engaged in discussions of the impact of Covid-19 crisis on the elections next year and the game plan they are to adopt to reinforce their position and wade their way through it.

As per sources, the meeting held in Delhi was attended by PM Modi who was joined by BJP chief JP Nadda and UP BJP general secretary (organisational) Sunil Bansal in a meeting with RSS leader Dattatreya Hosabale.

The BJP has decided to resort to troubleshooting techniques after the concerning setback they faced in the recently conducted panchayat election. The meeting also came after severe criticism lashed at the government for its handling of the pandemic, the most recent ignominy being the discovery of hundreds of bodies in the Ganges that set off doubts that these belong to people who succumbed to the virus.

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CM Yogi Adityanath has been hauled not only by the Opposition but also by the Centre on his handling of the Covid-19 situation in the state.

Last week, in a bidding to the chief ministers of all BJP-ruled states, JP Nadda said they were to institute acts that will assist in the present cause and help those who have suffered due to the vagaries of the pandemic. He also stated that instead of any celebratory event, various welfare programmes will be held.

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