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Opposition CMs Acknowledges Centre’s Admission of a “Flawed” Approach

Centre has admitted of its wrong approach...get the details...

Tuesday, 8th June 2021

The Centre’s realignment in its stance where the vaccination programme for the country is concerned has brought around several leaders of the opposition party including chief ministers of a number of states who are now acknowledging the government’s acceptance of their hitherto ‘flawed’ approach.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement of a variation in the vaccination policy has led several of these leaders from the opposition cadre to admit the BJP’s acceptance of their pleas to bring about a common vaccine policy for everyone across the entire nation.

The ministers had asked of the PM to concede to a corrective course of action without laying any blame on the states. They demanded for the start of a free for all vaccination programme including those visiting private hospitals. Opposition CMs from almost all states along with the apex court had pressurized the government to announce a change of policy at the earliest.

Chief Minister of Rajasthan Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot questioned the prime minister for hitting at the states. He said, “The PM must reveal which all states had demanded to purchase vaccines for the 18-44 age group. To my knowledge, not one state had made any such demand. Seems the PM has been misinformed by his advisors. I am happy the PM had to change his old decision in view of the public sentiment.”

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Gehlot thanked the Congress party for its “Speak Up for Vaccination” movement and recollected his experience working with several high-level Congress leaders including the Gandhis and former PM Manmohan Singh to bring about this change. Together they had written to the PM and also coerced an intervention by the Supreme Court, after which, he added, “As a result of this, today Shri Narendra Modiji had to withdraw his wrong decision. However, he tried unsuccessfully to blame states for his earlier decision.”

Other leaders also acknowledged the PM’s endorsement of their request of “central procurement and distribution of vaccine for all age groups.” As Punjab CM Amarinder Singh said, he had written twice to Modi and health minister Harsh Vardhan, “suggesting this as the only feasible solution to” end the vaccine crisis.

The new vaccine policy is a welcome change as per senior Congress leader Anand Sharma as, he said, the earlier approach had led to the collapse of the national vaccination drive.

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