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Hidden Places of Assam for Curious Traveller

Hidden gems of Assam. Learn More…

Thursday, 17th June 2021

Assam is home to several wonders, however, there are certain hidden gems that don't seem to be unmarked by regular travellers. A typical Assam trip starts from Guwahati, takes you to Kaziranga, Majuli, and different such places that are outstanding on the traveller map. however here we've listed some hidden destinations that you just may wish to visualize out.

Umananda Island

Associate in Nursing populated stream island that's invariably overshadowed by the majestic Majuli, Umananda Island could be a peaceful destination. The place is supposed for its natural splendour, and it's conjointly home to a Shiva Temple referred to as the Umananda Temple. it's home to golden langurs that's an endangered species.


The province is definitely touched by nature' grace, and Haflong is one among its finest specimens. A hill station in Assam, Haflong has calm lakes and exquisite rolling hills. however, the place is truly quite fashionable for one thing terribly strange. within the village of Jatinga here in Haflong, their locals have reportable suicide of birds in sure weeks of the year.

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Dibru-Saikhowa National Park

A national park in Assam, Dibru Saikhowa parkland is yet one more destination that's typically unmarked by tourists. The parkland incorporates a massive sort of birds and has recorded thirty-six vertebrate species. Here you may realize the most important genus Salix swamp forest in north-east India.


one among Dibrugarh' finest destinations, Namphake is especially identified as a pretty Buddhist monastery. The village is additionally home to the Tai Phake community. the most effective time to go here is within the month of March throughout the Poi-Nen-Chi Festival. it's celebrated in honour of Lord Buddha.


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