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Apple Watch Series 7 Tipped to Come With Larger Battery

Apple watch series 7 all you need to know…

Wednesday, 30th June 2021

Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to be released together with the new iPhone in September. According to reports, this portable device is equipped with a larger battery than the previous model, which is obviously possible because the built-in S7 processor will take up less space. This will allow the size of the battery to be increased. According to reports, smartwatches will also see design changes and new color options. Although there have been previous reports that there are new features such as blood glucose monitors, recent reports say that Apple Watch Series 7 will not include new sensors. We will see sensors equipped with 2022 Apple Watch models.


Economic Daily cited insiders who reported that the Apple Watch Series 7 is about the largest battery capacity of the next Apple Watch. This is reportedly due to the supposedly smaller S7 processor that is expected to be integrated into the smartwatch, thus saving internal space on the device. The report noted that Apple is making progress on larger battery options, and the new sensor can be integrated into the 2022 model.


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Apple Watch Series 7 tends to use the supply chain operator's double-sided system package (SiP) ASE to reduce the processor size. In addition to a larger battery, the report also says that the Apple Watch Series 7 will change the design, using a flat case with a narrow bezel similar to that of the iPhone 12. It is expected that it will also provide a green option similar to AirPods Max.


Recently, a Bloomberg report stated that Apple plans to add body temperature sensors and blood glucose sensors to future Apple Watch models, but this latest report shows that there is still some time.


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