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Apple's focus on app tracking transparency drives the advertisers to spend more on Android

Apple’s App tracking transparency. Know more…

Wednesday, 7th July 2021

Apple began implementing its new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) rules in iOS 14.5 to improve user privacy. According to ATT rules, advertisers must obtain user consent to track targeted advertisements. App tracking transparency allows users to control whether apps can track their iPhone and online activities, and use the collected data for personalized advertising. Prior to iOS 14.5, app tracking was enabled by default. But the user can now choose. If they do not want to be tracked, they can ask the application not to track them.


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A few months after the launch of, according to data reported by an advertising analysis company, advertisers appear to be turning to Android. The Wall Street Journal cited data from the advertising analysis company Tenjin that between June and July, spending on the iOS advertising platform fell by about one-third, while the Android advertising platform increased by about 10% at that time. He also talked about the Tinuiti advertising company, where advertisers can no longer bid for targeted ads on iOS. This has led to an increase in demand for targeted advertising on Android devices, from an annual growth rate of 46% in May to 64% in June. Andy Taylor, head of research at Tinuiti told the publication that iOS spending dropped from 42% in May to 25% in June. Although both Android and iOS are experiencing growth, since the launch of ATT, The growth rate of iOS has declined, while for Android, it has risen. Taylor added that the price of Android ads is now about 30% higher than ads targeted to iOS users.


According to Branch Metrics, less than one-third of iOS users choose to track, limiting the number of user devices that an app can track. Facebook has long criticized Apple's new privacy policy. The social media giant even started displaying a pop-up window in its iOS app to urge users to allow tracking because it "helps keep Facebook free." Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg previously referred to Apple as one of its biggest competitors, and even urged users to be tracked when they see the privacy notice of iOS updates, "for a better advertising experience." However, the social media giant seems to have changed its position since then and stated that the impact of iOS 14.5 on its business will be manageable. The report pointed out that foreign Facebook users use Android, which may benefit Facebook due to the price of non-iOS platforms.


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