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5 Most Helpful Running Workouts for Weight Loss

Lose weight by running…get the details

Monday, 26th July 2021

If you are aiming at weight loss and swimming and cycling is not really for you, running is your best form of workout. It is cheaper (neither do you need a membership to a swimming club nor do you need to invest in a cycle) and your investment will be limited only to a pair of good running shoes if you don’t already have one that is.

However, if you wish to include running as a serious part of your weight loss regime, there are some strategies that you need to know about. These include ensuring you maintain a good diet, pick a particular form of running and adhere to it.

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To get you started, here are five of the most helpful running routines that you may pick from.


The Fartlek

The word Fartlek is a Swedish one that means “speed play” and as the term suggests is a form of interval/speed training that can help improve your running speed and endurance. This form of running always oscillates between varying speeds of run throughout your entire regime, involving fast spells interspersed with slow jogs.


Downward Ladder

You start this with running at a moderate speed for one mile and then coming down to a light jog for 2 minutes. Follow this with a high pace running for half a mile. After that come down to jogging for 1 minute and then again pick up the pace and run at high speed for another half mile. This is for more seasoned runners and may not work well with beginners.


One-for-One Training

This form also flicks between fast and slow running segments, only it is easier as you need to run for a minute, walk for another and then repeat. It is easier and helps catch your breath.


Long Run

For those who are forced to give their daily running a miss due to hectic schedules, this is a great option. Here you run at a moderate pace and cover as much distance as you can on any terrain.


Hill Training

Pick an inclined surface and run uphill and on your way down you switch to a jog. This helps improve your heart and strengthens muscles and joints. However, you need to take care here not to push yourself too hard and ensure your form is correct.


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