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Her family garden with 100 species of plants named this lady "Hariyali Didi"

Pushpa Sahu’s homegrown garden is a quintessential example…Know more…

Friday, 3rd September 2021

Pushpa Sahu is a family gardener who planted more than 100 kinds of plants, trees and shrubs, including various organic fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants Its terrace has earned it the name "Hariyali Didi".

This garden is scattered on the terrace of his home in Raipur. More than 100 kinds of trees, herbs and shrubs are planted to produce a variety of fruits and vegetables. This is the source of most of the food in the family, providing them with health, cost and efficiency benefits.

The family plantation has about 10 kinds of fruits and 12 kinds of medicinal plants growing in its green landscape. The space is dotted with guava, citrus, mango, lemon, apple, papaya, dragon fruit, gooseberry and other fruit trees, as well as tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, gourds, okra, and beans. In addition, there are some ornamental plants, green leafy vegetables such as coriander, spinach and fenugreek, and beautiful shrubs.

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Pushpa has been building this garden since 2013 to provide his family with fresh organic produce and reduce their dependence on market visits.

 Why do home gardening?

 Pushpa said that farmers often need to use fertilizers to protect their crops from damage, but street vendors who sell their products often add unnecessary chemicals to keep the food fresh and attractive.

This observation was the main reason why he started growing his own plants for organic consumption. Chapter has produced some fruit under the care of her and her husband Rajesh. Little by little, with its success, vegetables and other plants were introduced.

Most urban residences, including those in Pushpa, lack the large patio space unique to suburban residences. Due to the weight of the plants and the accidents of waterlogging, the use of terraces is usually related to the structural damage of the house.

But the tactics used by this fifty-something man broke all doubts about home gardening. He uses a raised platform built on his terrace as the base for his plants, which are grown in oil drums, and local mop machines are easily available. A 200-liter bucket is more suitable for smaller plants, while larger fruit-bearing plants can be placed in a 1000-liter container.

 Placing plants above the ground can prevent water accumulation. Compared with ceramic pots, drum barrels are lighter and can balance weight problems.

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