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Samaira Sharma, Rohit Sharma's daughter, bakes cookies to celebrate her father's victory.

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Thursday, 9th September 2021

Rohit Sharma was named Man of the Match in the fourth Test against England on Monday after making a brilliant 127 runs to lead India to a 157-run victory. With this victory, India now leads the five-match Test series 2-1. Rohit's daughter Samaira cooked sweets to commemorate his and the team's accomplishment. On Instagram Stories, the cricketer's wife, Ritika, shared a photo of Samaira mixing a bowl full of edible cookie batter that was about to go into the oven. “My Cookie Monster Baking Cookies,” she captioned the photo.

Samaira's meticulous involvement in the mixing procedure demonstrates that she was aware of the celebration's significance. She seems to want to give her all in order to respect her father's accomplishments.


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Ritika updated her Instagram Stories with two new photos. The second post included a photo of the delicious-looking cookies baking. They appeared to be very decadent and mouthwatering.

Ritika certainly enjoys food because she is constantly posting photographs of delectable dishes on social media, making us salivate. She had previously posted a photo of a plate full of onion rings and a cup of hot coffee. The next storey featured Rohit, who was clutching a cup of black coffee. To learn more about Ritika's post, which we're sure will leave you wanting more, go here.

Rohit shared a photo on Instagram earlier this year in which he was seen eating with a fork in one hand and a knife in the other. He also posted a photo of himself and his wife Ritika posing before lunch at a Mumbai eatery. “Lunch date with my fave at our favourite restaurant in Mumbai,” he captioned the photo.


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