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Australia to help ISRO in following Gaganyaan mission

Gaganyaan Mission from ISRO.

Wednesday, 15th September 2021

Australia will uphold India's Gaganyaan mission by following it through Cocos Keeling island, Deputy Head Australia Space Agency Anthony Murfett said on Monday.


Talking at the International Space Conference coordinated by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Murfett said the space collaboration between the two nations is on a rise and the spacious offices of India and Australia have as of late refreshed their Memorandum of Understanding.


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"We will be supporting this Gaganyaan mission by following through Australia's domain on the Cocos Keeling islands," he said.

Recently, ISRO boss K Sivan had said the space office is additionally in converses with the Australian partner to have a ground station at the Cocos Keeling islands for the Gaganyaan mission.


Satellites in a circle can't pass along their data to the ground stations on Earth in the event that it doesn't have a reasonable perspective on the ground station. An information transfer satellite fills in as an approach to pass along the satellite's data.


There are vulnerable sides because of which it is plausible of not getting signals, sources said. The information hand-off satellite following from Cocos Keeling island is relied upon to assist with resolving the issue.


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