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Thursday, 16th September 2021

Dietitian Laveleen Kaur, healthy life It can mean different things for different. People, but you can't deny that many juries for some traditional learning or nuskhe who have resisted time test. From the way food is prepared for storage mode, family secrets that have been transmitted by generations always make more healthy alternatives.

Sharing an important recall on why it is always a good idea to resort to traditional practices and habits, the Laveleen Kaur dietitian has published an Instagram update in updating the "10 suggestions, learning, habits and remedies I compiled by his (Large grandmother and the mother's treasure) ", along with a photo with them.

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 * USA SIL BATTA (MOLA), instead of grinders / mixers to make spices and chutanelas for the true flavor

 * Drinking water from Matka (CLAYPOT) instead of refrigerator

 * dedicates a bit of space for the kitchen garden and grows His own herbs and spices

 * Malai and Makhan for dry skin and natural splendor, instead of chemicals

 * Ajwain (seeds in a carriage), lemon and rock salt on acidity acidity

 * Of pulse storage and legumes with leaves Laurel to avoid evil

 * Using the surplus from

 * Sabzi when they love the mass for Rotis

 *Gheesugar Choori (when he is desirable sugar)

 *Jaggery ball recipe (clarified butter + Jaggery + Carom Seeds + Comino Seeds + Powdered ginger)

 * Eating with family and habit of gratitude

 * SIP Overnight Overnight SOAKED Chia Seeds Water During Day

 * Saunf and Jaggery

* Chew slowly. Take the next bite only after fully eaten the previous  one. 

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