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LokSabha Speaker Expresses Anguish Over ‘Un-parliamentary Behaviour’ of Public Figures Staining Image of Entire System

Speaker of LokSabha expresses anguish…learn why

Thursday, 16th September 2021

LokSabha Speaker Om Birla, on Wednesday said that a rise in the instances of un-parliamentary behaviour exhibited by public representatives have stained the image of democratic institutions. He also stated that MPs and MLAs must be cognizant of the fact that with privilege comes responsibility.

Birla was addressing the 81st All India Presiding Officers Conference where he cautioned that if legislatures are to maintain their credibility, the conduct and behaviour of their members must be of the highest standards. They ought to observe excellence in decorum and discipline while both inside and outside the Parliament houses, he said.

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The Speaker also said that there has been an increase in unparliamentary behaviour in the past few years and added, “This has tarnished the image of the democratic institutions. Privileges which public representatives enjoy come with responsibilities of performing their duties as parliamentarians in an effective manner and without any hindrance.”

Birla also urged public representatives to do some self -searching and reflect on their past behaviours, conduct, decorum and discipline, both individually and collectively.

After the Monsoon Session of the Parliament where there were a number of instances when ministers displayed abusive and insolent behaviour leading to large scale pandemonium in both Houses.

During the tumultuous month-long session, several bills were passed without discussion and both Houses had to be adjourned a couple of days before the scheduled date.

Contentious issues like the Pegasus row and the farm laws were hanging in the balance with the Opposition seeking discussion on them, but the treasury benches refused to do so. Stalemate during the entire session had become a matter of distress for presiding officers of both Houses.

While the LokSabha functioned for just 21 hours and 14 minutes out of the prescribed 96 hours, the RajyaSabha functioned for 17 hours out of nearly 97 hours that was stipulated for it. However, both Houses passed a considerable number of bills in that short period.

For the next conference scheduled in 2022, the Speaker said, there should be“discipline and decorum in democratic institutions and ensuring transparency and accountability in these institutions.”

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