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'wanted to understand her emotional journey,' says 'Shershaah' actor Kiara Advani of her meeting with Dimple Cheema.

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Thursday, 12th August 2021

With just a day until the release of Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani's 'Shershaah' on Amazon Prime Video, the excitement to see the storey of Captain Vikram Batra's (PVC) sacrifice and courage in the 1999 Kargil war is through the roof.

Kiara Advani plays Captain Batra's love interest, bringing to the screen the strength, courage, sacrifices, and emotional and mental turmoil that Dimple Cheema experiences while her man is serving in the Army and fighting a war to protect his motherland. Kiara takes on Dimple's role to show the audience what it's like to be devoted to a man even decades after his death.


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So, when we asked Kiara exclusively in a video interaction how important she thought it was to tell the love storey of Dimple Cheema and Captain Vikram Batra alongside the storey of Shershaah's valour on the battlefield, she said, "It's very important to me." "Let me start with a storey I told when I first heard about the film and met Vishnu sir. I left that meeting wanting to tell the entire storey to everyone I met, whether it was my family or my team, because when the Kargil war occurred, I was very young, and I was aware of it, but not in the depth and detail that I am now because I am a part of the film."

"We always think about Army officers and have so much gratitude in our hearts for them, but hearing about their lives beyond just being officers, I mean, at 24 or when he was in college and was deciding that he wanted to join the Army and it was his one true love since he was a child, he still had a personal life, He was in love with Dimple (Cheema), they had plans to marry, and every moment that Vishnu sir had shared with me in the narration was almost as if it was so beautiful, but did he really do this? Is this what really happened? And then, fortunately, before we started filming for 'Shershaah,' I met Dimple Cheema and heard about their relationship, stories about the time they spent together, and it's amazing how it's been beautifully integrated into the screenplay."And how wonderfully it's a part of a film about his entire life, but the crux of it is, of course, what we know him for — his role in the Kargil war," Kiara added.


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"Through her, I was really understanding what it really takes — the emotional turmoil of any partner of an officer serving for the nation," she added. It's unfathomable. Being in a relationship as a civilian is very different from being in a relationship with someone whose duty is such a high-risk job and factor. These are the things that moved me and stayed with me, and I felt compelled to tell this storey."

"My intention when I met her was to just listen to her and understand the emotional journey," Kiara said of how much she was personally affected after meeting someone who had decided to devote her life to the man she dearly loved. It all came down to getting the emotions right. When she spoke, she spoke with such joy and pride that it doesn't make you pity her; rather, it makes you empathise in a way that makes you think, 'How beautiful'."

"She (Dimple) has chosen to live this life, and she lives it with such joy that it seems as if he (Captain Batra) is still with her." And it is this aspect of her that is both moving and endearing. "I did ask her once, 'but it's been so many years,' and she looked at me as if 'like that doesn't matter,' and said, 'I'm upset with him right now, but that's okay, I'm going to meet him and saari shikayatein tabhi milke due kar dungi,'" Kiara concluded.

Shershaah, directed by Vishnu Varadhan, is based on the life of Captain Vikram Batra (PVC). Dharma Productions and Kaash Entertainment collaborated on the film's production. It is the first time Amazon Prime Video and Dharma Productions have collaborated on a global release.

Shershaah will be available on Amazon Prime Video in India and 240 other countries and territories beginning August 12.


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