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Can salads and soups really help you lose weight? This is what we know

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Monday, 9th August 2021

Soups and salads have always been considered the only source of true nutrition. It is very difficult to control hunger by dieting to lose weight. Do not open a packet of potato chips or a packet of biscuits, try to eat salad or soup, because they are fresh and healthy alternative snacks. But experts have different views on this. Some experts believe that soups and salads alone should not be a healthy choice. People have other important things to consider.


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According to nutritionist Soumya B’s response to the Indian Express, he said: “I don’t recommend soup or salad as a staple of three meals because they are not a balanced meal. It is recommended to stick to them for breakfast or dinner. Lunch. , You should eat carbohydrates such as rice, wheat, cover, or millet.”


But for people who want to lose weight fast or lose weight, this is amazing. He later said that soup can be made healthier and thicker like mushroom soup, broccoli soup, or mixed vegetable soup. In order to lose weight immediately, people should also avoid adding sugar, honey, corn, or butter because they contain a lot of calories.


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"You can also fry your salad and add a bit of cheese, tofu, or chunks of soybeans to increase nutrition," Soumya said. To make it less boring, she also recommends adding lemon juice and a pinch of salt to the salad.


Food, lifestyle, and health expert Dr. Siddhant Bhargava posted a video on Instagram teaching how to make delicious and interesting soups and salads. He also talked about not being the only healthy snacks, but just part of a group of healthy snacks.


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Uploaded a video with a caption that said, "Managing the right diet can be tricky, and knowing what makes a 100% healthy diet even more tricky! Here's how to handle a soup and salad combination right."


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